A Survey of Prison Conditions and Post-Prison Options

An astounding 40.3% of prisoners in Australia are back in prison within two years of release. We’ve been following The Conversation’s ‘Beyond Prison’ series on issues relating to prison conditions and post-prison release – this blog post summarises the best insights from across the articles. Andrew Day advocates a smarter, evidence-based approach to rehabilitation in Read more about A Survey of Prison Conditions and Post-Prison Options[…]

Australia’s Prison Overcrowding Epidemic

Australia is facing an epidemic, and no, we are not in a law and order crisis. In fact, that very perception is part of the problem of Australia’s rampant prison overcrowding. Recent BOCSAR statistics show a 10% increase in Australia’s prison population over the past year, resulting in a ten year high of 33,791 prisoners Read more about Australia’s Prison Overcrowding Epidemic[…]

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