Prison Bottleneck: Unsentenced Prisoners

I’m going to roll out some statistics and make some correlations – stop me if you’ve heard them before. Nationally, the number of prisoners is on the rise. It has been climbing for years, but recent statistics from the ABS show an increase of 2,462 prisoners from December 2014 to December 2015. There are now Read more about Prison Bottleneck: Unsentenced Prisoners[…]

A Survey of Prison Conditions and Post-Prison Options

An astounding 40.3% of prisoners in Australia are back in prison within two years of release. We’ve been following The Conversation’s ‘Beyond Prison’ series on issues relating to prison conditions and post-prison release – this blog post summarises the best insights from across the articles. Andrew Day advocates a smarter, evidence-based approach to rehabilitation in Read more about A Survey of Prison Conditions and Post-Prison Options[…]

Australia’s Prison Overcrowding Epidemic

Australia is facing an epidemic, and no, we are not in a law and order crisis. In fact, that very perception is part of the problem of Australia’s rampant prison overcrowding. Recent BOCSAR statistics show a 10% increase in Australia’s prison population over the past year, resulting in a ten year high of 33,791 prisoners Read more about Australia’s Prison Overcrowding Epidemic[…]

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