Successful settlement against individual for social media defamation

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“Home-wrecker” – person defamed on social media

Shannon* suffered defamation on social media when someone  labelled them a home-wrecker, amongst other things. However, the allegations in the social media defamation were not true. 

Shannon experienced a sustained campaign of harassment and defamation resulting in a successful criminal conviction against the person responsible. Subsequently, we obtained compensation for the defamation. 

The person even made fake Facebook profiles of Shannon which contained defamatory content, and added their actual friends to the account. 

Successful settlement over social media defamation

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors sent the person a Concerns Notice seeking a settlement before we had to file matter in Court. 

As a result, we successfully negotiated a settlement which included compensation and an apology.

To conclude, our client had incredibly satisfaction with the result.

* we have changed the name to protect the identity of our cliene

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