Woman under arrest after verbally abusing Airport staff: Police v SHK

Woman under arrest after verbally abusing Airport staff

Police responded to a check-in counter at Sydney Airport, where they found SHK verbally abusing airport staff. One of the officers obtained SHK’s driver’s licence and began to record SHK’s details. At some point during this process, SHK demanded her licence back. When SHK attempted to physically retake her licence, police arrested her . They then handcuffed and removed her to a police vehicle. SHK continuing to struggle against the police.

SHK was charged with two offences: obstruction of Commonwealth public officials; and behave in a disorderly manner at an airport.

Guilty plea results in Section 10

SHK accepted her guilt in relation to the charge of disorderly conduct. During plea negotiation, SHK offered to plead guilty to the disorderly conduct charge in exchange for the prosecution withdrawing the obstruction charge. During the plea negotiation, her lawyer submitted that SHK had been suffering from depression due to the unexpected loss of a family member. Furthermore, psychiatric evidence showed that there was no risk of SHK reoffending.

In light of these facts, the prosecution withdrew the first charge and SHK got a Section 10 non-conviction order in relation to second charge.



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