Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney

Drink driving is a criminal offence with corresponding penalties and punishments if you are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Lives have been wasted because of driving while under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

Australian governments are strict in the implementation of the law against driving while intoxicated by alcohol in order to protect lives and property from damage when an accident happens. If you get caught, here’s what may face:

  • drink driving lawyer sydney NSWYou will be fined for the violation of traffic laws.
  • Suspension and cancellation of driver’s license.
  • You will be charged with a serious offence.
  • Getting another driver’s license will be harder for you.
  • Attending court hearings will cost you time and money.

When faced with drink driving traffic law violations, you have to get the help from drink driving lawyers in Sydney who are experts in solving any type of traffic violations.

Why do you need an expert drink driving lawyer?

If you are invited to a party and offered a few drinks, or go to a bar, then you should not drive your car if you become intoxicated by alcohol, because when you get caught, you will be charged in violation of drink driving laws.

If you do decide to drink and drive afterwards, you have to be prepared to find a drink driving lawyer in Sydney who will defend you to minimize your penalty and free yourself from a prison sentence.

These lawyers are there to present the argument in court why you should not be found guilty, or to minimize your sentence when you are charged and convicted with driving while intoxicated. If an accident happens, at least, your lawyers will prioritize your case to get you out of trouble especially in NSW where traffic violations are considered serious offences. A competent lawyer in Sydney is important so your license will not be cancelled or suspended.

Advantages of an expert drink driving lawyer

Being charged with DUI or driving under the influence can traumatize and embarrass you.

How will you face your friends and family members if they find out that you went to jail because of committing this serious offence which at the beginning you thought was a minor offence? You have tarnished your record that you have been protecting for years. In NSW, once you get caught and convicted, you are considered a criminal. Drink driving has a wide range of possible charges, such as:

  • Novice range PCA (Prescribed Content of Alcohol) drink driving
  • Low range PCA drink driving
  • Special range PCA drink driving
  • Mid range PCA drink driving
  • High range PCA drink driving
  • DUI

If you are trapped in a difficult situation like this, it is about time to get connected with a drink driving lawyer in Sydney who will attend to your case and protect your rights.  If you need some help, call us for more information on (02) 9261 4281.

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