Defamation Law and the #MeToo Movement

Defamation law in Australia has become a controversial topic in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Since victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault began to make claims against abusers on social media platforms, the law on Defamation has been pinned down by some public opinion. Undeniably, the proliferation of the #MeToo movement has had Read more about Defamation Law and the #MeToo Movement[…]

A Guide to Defamation Laws in Australia

What is defamation? Defamation is an act of falsely publishing something that harms the reputation of an identifiable person without a legal excuse. The offence has an element of intent, where the publisher wishes to cause serious harm to the person, or without having regard to whether there is serious harm. Defamation can be a Read more about A Guide to Defamation Laws in Australia[…]

Defamation Law: Reputation is the New Currency

It would not be foreign to assume the popular opinion that the area of Defamation law is a novel and controversial one at best. In fact, with the advent of technology and social media giving rise to easily made offensive remarks and spurious claims on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and countless others regarding Read more about Defamation Law: Reputation is the New Currency[…]

Defamation: Recreation for the Rich or a Tool for the Powerless?

Joe Hockey’s short-lived “victory” of $200,000 in damages – awarded in his defamation suit against Fairfax – was last week dwarfed by a costs order requiring Fairfax to pay just 15% of his legal costs. Graham Hryce, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, estimated that this would leave Hockey approximately $650,000 behind. Hockey has asserted Read more about Defamation: Recreation for the Rich or a Tool for the Powerless?[…]

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