NSW Police Charged With Domestic Violence Offences

An alarming number of NSW police officers have been charged with offences related to domestic violence. According to documents obtained by ABC under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, a total of 17 NSW police officers were involved in domestic violence offences since February 2017. The criminal acts range from: stalking and intimidation to assault occasioning Read more about NSW Police Charged With Domestic Violence Offences[…]

A Guide to Defamation Laws in Australia

What is defamation? Defamation is an act of falsely publishing something that harms the reputation of an identifiable person without a legal excuse. The offence has an element of intent, where the publisher wishes to cause serious harm to the person, or without having regard to whether there is serious harm. Defamation can be a Read more about A Guide to Defamation Laws in Australia[…]

Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney

Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney…Protecting Your Rights Crimes varies in categories whether it is a crime against property, a crime against person or in relation to traffic laws, they can tarnish your reputation and can affect your future employment. Crimes happen because of self defence and others are premeditated. If you are facing criminal charges in Read more about Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney[…]

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