Unreasonable Suspicion and Wrongful Arrest by Police

Attalla v State of NSW [2018] NSWDC 190 Facts: On an early morning, three police officers confronted Mr Attalla (Plaintiff) sitting on a stone wall in front of a church texting on his mobile phone. One of the police members, Officer Cruickshank, suspected that Mr Attalla possessed prohibited drugs and thereby proposed he be searched. Read more about Unreasonable Suspicion and Wrongful Arrest by Police[…]

Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney

Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney…Protecting Your Rights Crimes varies in categories whether it is a crime against property, a crime against person or in relation to traffic laws, they can tarnish your reputation and can affect your future employment. Crimes happen because of self defence and others are premeditated. If you are facing criminal charges in Read more about Criminal Defence Lawyers Sydney[…]