Stolen bag charge withdrawn


James was out drinking with his friends one night when he was questioned by the police about his bag. The bag was a small women’s style bag and the security tag was left on.

While trying to explain to the police that it is his bag, he explained that the bag cost him 30 Euros and that he didn’t notice that the bag security tag wasn’t removed until he landed back in Australia. He wasn’t inclined to have the tag removed as that bag was unavailable to buy within Australia.

James was nevertheless charged with ‘possess goods in custody, contrary to s527C of the Crimes Act 1900’.

James had actually purchased the bag overseas in Spain while on holiday. As a keen fashion student, the European bag was not an unusual statement piece.



O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors were able to successfully have the charge withdrawn. James was able to provide proof that he had purchased the bag while on holiday in Spain.


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