Client receives compensation for defamation and breach of privacy claims

Facts: Defamation and Breach of Privacy by Nationwide News Pty Ltd in the Northern Territory

A media organisation, Nationwide News Pty Ltd, with a well known newspaper in the Northern Territory, published several photos of SD in a single newspaper edition in 2017. One of the photos of SD was on the front page of the newspaper. The article was concerning young offenders. The photo of SD seemingly showed him locked away behind a security fence at night.

However, the photo of SD had in fact been taken at a family day on a local oval, while SD was on school holidays and playing behind a wire fence. As a result of this photo, the news article contained many false imputations including:

  • that SD was a criminal,
  • that he was contributing to a crisis situation,
  • and that SD was a juvenile delinquent.

Outcome: defamation and privacy breach

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors was also able to argue that the well known newspaper had breached the privacy of SD, in a manner that many would consider highly offensive to a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities.

We were able to successfully assist SD by bringing an action against the media organisation for defamation and breach of privacy.

In conclusion, the matter then settled prior to trial and SD got compensation appropriate to the damage to his reputation.

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