Self-defence in assault where man throws brick at knife wielding attacker: Police v PYK

Self-defence claim where man throws brick at knife wielding attacker

Assault - Criminal Defence SolicitorsPolice charged PYK with common assault following an altercation with his neighbour during a party. The defence presented the case that the neighbour had pulled out a knife and advanced on PYK. At which stage, PYK fled from the neighbour before throwing a brick at him.

However, the prosecution claimed that PYK threw the brick prior to the neighbour pulling out the knife.

Contested evidence leads to reasonable doubt

The defence managed to successfully throw doubt on the narrative advanced by the prosecution. Criminal offences have a burden of proof which must be beyond reasonable doubt. As a result, because there was doubt around whether or not PYK acted in self-defence, he got an acquittal on both charges.

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