LA – Client receives compensation after false allegations made by newspaper

Facts: Defamation, defamatory material, Concerns Notice

LA, a Public Housing tenant, recently discovered defamatory material published about them in an Australian newspaper. The defamatory imputations concerned their alleged unhygienic treatment of the consecutive homes they resided in. In addition, there was the false assertion that our client cost the taxpayer a certain monetary figure.

The derogatory comments published about LA had an enormously significant impact on their life.  This further impeded their ability to obtain other public housing accommodation.

Outcome: compensation

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully acted for LA in this matter. The Australian newspaper agreed on removal of the factual errors in the online article. They also published an apology regarding the defamatory and derogatory remarks made against LA. They also offered to pay the legal costs for LA.

Upon settlement, LA received compensation for their legal costs including an additional amount for their expenses.

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