Favourable outcome for involved in drug syndicate: Client WR

Client caught as part of police investigation into drug syndicate

drugs: bag of marijuanaA police Strike Force investigating a drug syndicate charged 17 people in relation to their roles in the syndicate.

In this instance, WR was one of these people.  Consequently, prosecutors charged him with counts of:

  • supply prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis,
  • knowingly direct activities of criminal group,
  • supply prohibited drug over commercial quantity
  • and participate in criminal group.

Plea negotiation results in charges being withdrawn

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors assisted WR in his plea negotiation with the prosecution.

He pleaded guilty to:

  • one count of supply prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis
  • one count of participate in criminal group

with the other 4 charges being withdrawn. Consequently, WR got a sentence of 5 years’ imprisonment for the two offences.

However, this was a favourable outcome given the seriousness of the offences. Each of the charges had a maximum penalty of 20 years’ imprisonment.

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