O'Brien Solicitors Restore Carpenter License After a Wrongful Cancellation by Fair Trading NSW

Background: Unfair Cancellation

Greg was a highly experienced carpenter who had worked on over 300 projects across Australia without a single complaint. Greg applied to the NSW Department of Fair Trading to vary his personal licence for carpentry work to the category of general building work. However, he never expected that his licence would be cancelled.

During the review process, the NSW Department of Fair Trading accused Greg of providing “false and misleading information,” and subsequently cancelled Greg’s existing carpentry licence, claiming that he was not a “fit and proper person.”

two builders are looking onto a construction site

Carpentry licence restored by Fair Trading NSW upon appeal

Our lawyers helped Greg appeal the decision and successfully secure the restoration and renewal of his carpentry licence.

Have you had your licence cancelled by Fair Trading NSW?

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Greg: “It was a really good experience. I was hoping to get that result and when O’Brien’s got it, I was extremely happy.”

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