GSG v Department of Fair Trading re carpentry licence cancellation

Building licence cancelled by Fair Trading NSW.

Greg made an application to the NSW Department of Fair Trading to vary his personal licence for carpentry work to the category of general building work.

Greg had many years of experience as a qualified carpenter on over 300 projects Australia wide and never had a single complaint regarding his work.

During the review process of his application, NSW Fair Trading determined that in attempting to vary his licence, ‘false and misleading information’ had been provided. As a result of a review conducted by Fair Trading into his licence variation application, the Department proceeded to cancel Greg’s existing carpentry licence on the grounds that he was not a ‘fit and proper person’.

Carpentry licence restored by Fair Trading NSW upon appeal

O’Brien Solicitors successfully secured a restoration and renewal of GSG’s carpentry licence.

Have you had your licence cancelled by Fair Trading NSW?

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