Defence representation in defamation settlement

News publication sued for defamation

MXM, a news publication, faced a lawsuit for defamation. The case followed the distribution of an article containing a number of comments that the plaintiff claimed were defamatory. They turned to our firm when they needed a defamation defence lawyer.

Successful defamation defence lawyer representation in settlement

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors assisted MXM to negotiate an effective settlement.

Firstly, the amount that MXM had to pay was far less than the plaintiff insisted for at trial. In return, MXM only had to acknowledge that one of the comments in the article amounted to defamatory communication. This meant that MXM managed to avoid a long and drawn-out legal conflict which would have impacted on the credibility of their journalism.

If you are facing a defamation lawsuit, then contact us. Not only have we successfully sued for defamation but we have successfully defended those facing accusations of slander or libel.


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