Defamatory Google review successfully removed

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Client defamed in Google review

A medical professional experienced defamation in a Google review when a disgruntled patient called them incompetent and unqualified. The professional was in fact qualified and competent. However, the patient didn’t agree with their medical opinion. 

The patient took to Google review leaving a partially anonymised 2-star review. Google reviews are often the first stop for someone seeking the medical services offered by our client. A bad review can deter possible patients from using a business’s services

The medical professional reached out to our defamation lawyers in order to resolve the issue

Defamatory Google Review removed

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors sent the disgruntled patient a Concerns Notice requesting that they remove the review. Additionally, there was a request that they not repeat the untrue allegations. Consequently, the review no longer appears on Google, and no further defamation has occurred. 

Our client, the medical professional, felt incredible joy with the result:

“I’m very grateful for your help and was so thrilled with the outcome,” the client told us. 

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