Defamation claim against employer

Publication of report contained false allegations against client

The client, AJ, worked for an advisory company in Sydney. His employer sent an email containing a report to a large number of employees within the company. The report drew attention to a specific incident that had occurred within the company. There were allegations in the email that an employee vandalised vehicles belonging to employees of another organisation.

The report did not name our client specifically. However, it did mention the person lived in a specific house that many employees knew that AJ resided in.

Client sued employer for defamation

AJ filed a defamation complaint on the basis that the publication by his employer defamed him by falsely imputing that he engaged in vandalism and other criminal behaviour. The publication caused significant harm to AJ’s reputation who was a well-respected and law-abiding citizen. He suffered distress that his standing among his fellow employees had diminished.

Successful settlement in favour of our client

We represented AJ in his negotiation with his employer seeking a large sum of compensation for the damage to his reputation. His employer eventually agreed to settle the dispute. The employer issued an apology letter to AJ and agreed to pay a substantial sum of compensation.

If you suffered damage to your reputation, you may be able to sue for defamation. Contact us for a free of charge, no obligation discussion with our senior defamation lawyer, Stewart O’Connell.

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