news outlets setting up cameras for media conferenceDefamation: Man sues news outlets for false imputations

BPS claimed compensation for defamation from several prominent Australian news outlets.

The news outlets had run a story regarding the arrest of a Mr. QTX for conspiring to import substantial quantities of drugs into Australia. In that story they had featured images from an old television commercial that discussed QTX’s successful immigration story. However, this commercial not only featured images of QTX, but also images of BPS. The story the news outlets ran showed the images of BPS and said that he was QTX. This gave the libellous impression that BPS was the man arrested for conspiring to import substantial quantities of drugs into Australia.

These stories were available on a variety of platforms, including television, social media and online news sites.

The stories falsely suggested that BPS was a criminal. Therefore, they were defamatory. He had concern about the effect of the stories on his future career and his young children.

Our defamation lawyers negotiate a settlement with the publishers

BPS successfully resolved his claims on the basis of confidential settlement. Based on this settlement, he received compensation from the multiple news publishers for the harm suffered. They removed the defamatory material from circulation. Multiple organisations issued apologies to BPS and his family for any embarrassment and distress caused.

Ensuring no blemish remained to his name, the apologies articulated that the outlets had used the commercial footage incorrectly. They also made clear that BPS had no involvement in any way in QTX’s arrest.

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