Builders Licence Reinstated

Builder has contractor licence reinstated after an internal review

Department of Fair Trading prosecutes Green Skills trainee as having invalid contractor licence

Paul* held a contractor licence as a builder under the NSW Home Building Act 1989. To receive this licence, Paul conducted training through a registered training provider (RTP). That provider’s registration had been cancelled two years after he did his training due to an investigation into the operators of the provider. The provider was Green Skills.

The Department of Fair Trading  falsely identified Paul as a person who had their training conducted by that provider AFTER thei trainer’s registration had been cancelled. Paul’s contractor licence was cancelled and disciplinary action was commenced against him.

Fair Trading internal review shows Paul was a victim of fraud

We assisted Paul in applying for an internal review of the decision made with Fair Trading. The decision of that review confirmed that Paul was a victim of fraud, and not a party to it.

Paul’s contractor licence was re-instated, Paul got a reprimand, and the disciplinary actions against him were dropped.

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*name changed for privacy.

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