Unlawful imprisonment EH and PH v NSW State

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are experts in assisting clients sue the police for false arrest, unlawful imprisonment and malicious prosecution. Read about one of our successful cases below.


EH and PH were brothers who were badly assaulted by a police officer. The assault was captured on CCTV footage. The police officer involved punched, kicked and sprayed both brothers in the face with OC spray. The police officer then arrested, detained and charged EH with resisting arrest and assaulting police, notwithstanding the footage which clearly showed that EH and PH were the victims of a brutal assault.


Proceedings were commenced in the District Court of New South Wales. Prior to the matter going to hearing, the State of New South Wales agreed to settle their cases for a sum of damages.


‘We cannot thank your firm enough for what you have done for us. What this police officer did affected us greatly. My brother and I are so thankful, not only for the amazing result you achieved but also for how much your firm cared about and looked after our case.’ 

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