Costs Awarded for Malicious Prosecution – BB

Read about how we assisted a client in successfully applying for costs against the police for malicious prosecution.

Client incorrectly investigated by police

BB received a police infringement notice for stealing. It stated that she had stolen an item from a store at Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. BB was shocked by the letter given that she had never even been to QVB before.

She went to the police station to clear her name. The police officer informed her that she would have to attend Court to challenge the matter.

We assisted client in getting the police to withdraw charges

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors represented BB in her matter. The defence wrote to the police to request them to withdraw the charges. However, over the next two months, the police continued to add extra statements to the brief given to the client. The charges were eventually withdrawn against the client.

Costs application in favour of client

We assisted BB in making a costs application against the police for malicious prosecution. This application was successful, with the client receiving a substantial amount for costs.

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