Good behaviour bond for client charged with drug supply – SS

Read about how one of our experienced drug lawyers successfully negotiated with the police in relation to a drug supply charge.

On the night in question, the police were following the vehicle of JM in an unmarked Police vehicle. Whilst watching JM, the police alleged that they saw SS hand JM two small caps of heroin. Upon the belief that a drug transaction was taking place, the Police approached the vehicle. SS consented to being searched and removed cash from her right pants. She was charged with supply prohibited drug.

One of our criminal defence lawyers negotiated with police on behalf of SS where she agreed to plead guilty to the supply of heroin with agreed amended facts. During her sentencing hearing, the defence organised for the preparation of a pre-sentence report and letters from her daughter that outlined her personal circumstances.

The Magistrate considered the fact that the quantity of heroin that SS gave to JM was less than 1g which was far less than the traffickable quantity of 3g.

Given these circumstances, SS was sentenced to a section 9 bond.

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