Possess prohibited drugs arrest: Police v MBH

Waverley Local Court


Police were patrolling the public entrance of a Mardi Gras After Party with drug detection dogs when one of the dogs brought MBH to police attention as a person in possession of an illegal substance.

MBH declared to police that one of his friends had given him pills, which he had put in his trousers. Police subsequently placed MBH under arrest. A drug analysis of the pills later indicated that MBH was in possession of over 2.5 grams of ecstasy.


MBH had no prior criminal history. The Court was presented with his full life circumstances. Statistics were compiled regarding other similar offences and how they’d been dealt with by the court. Notwithstanding the fairly significant amount of drugs, the matter was dealt with as per s 10(1)(a). No criminal conviction  was recorded against him.


“Peter, thanks for your excellent representation. Was so concerned for my job and career prospects, I desperately needed to avoid a conviction. Thanks for ensuring that I did.”

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