Possess prohibited drugs charges: Police v BH

Facts: charged with possession of a prohibited drug

BH was searched as a result of a drug dog operation at a railway station. He was found with 0.2 grams of crystal methylamphetamine and charged with possession of a prohibited drug. BH pleaded guilty. BH had a number of matters on his criminal record, but no matters relating to drugs.


Taking into account BH’s very unhappy life circumstances at the time of the offence, the plea of guilty at the first opportunity and the fact that there were no drug matters on BH’s criminal record, BH was convicted under s 10A of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 and no further penalty was imposed.


“This is such great result, thank you! I was really worried about having to pay a fine. I can see that the way you presented my history over the past year was very important. I’m very grateful.” BH
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