Importing drugs charges: DPP v XX


XX was charged by Australian Federal Police in connection with a conspiracy to import and possess 35kg of the prohibited drug, cocaine.  The shipment had been imported by a drug syndicate from Mexico and was secreted inside a shipping container.  The prosecution alleged that XX had knowledge of the contents of the drugs inside the container and conspired with his co-accused to access and possess the cocaine.  XX maintained that he had no such knowledge, and was  a legitimate self-employed professional who was unwittingly caught up in the illegal activities of his client and others.


After a jury trial, lasting 10 weeks in duration, wherein a very large number of witnesses were called and ultimately XX gave evidence in his own defence, a District Court jury acquitted XX of the conspiracy charge after a relatively short period of deliberation.  XX’s co-accused however were convicted and sentenced to very lengthy periods of imprisonment.


“These criminal proceedings and this trial has been the most stressful and harrowing ordeal of my entire life. And all the while I was innocent! But the police and DPP could not accept this. Thanks Peter for standing up for me. Thanks for the long hours and hard work you put into the case. You never gave up, and your single focus was to win my trial. For that Peter, I will be forever grateful.”  XX


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