Charged with low range PCA drink driving offence: Police v RRR

North Sydney Local Court

Low Range PCA

R was charged with low range PCA when he decided to drive his car following a social reception where he had consumed 5 stubbies over 4 hours.

After being breathalysed by police, R returned a breath analysis reading of 0.074grams – at which stage he was charged with low range PCA.

First time PCA offence gets a section 10

After pleading guilty to the offence, R received an initial penalty of having his licence disqualification for a period of 3 months as well as a $700 fine.

O’Brien Solicitors successfully appealed the conviction, arguing that as a first-time PCA offender with a 30 year driving record, R deserved more lenient treatment. R’s conviction and consequent licence disqualification and fine were quashed by the District Court and the matter dismissed pursuant to s 10(1)(a) of the Crimes (Sentencing Proceedings) Act.

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