Drink Driving Charges: Police v IC

Waverley Local Court

Mid range PCA

After a social night out having nibbles and drinking wine at a friend’s house, C was found to have a mid-range alcohol concentration reading of 0.089 and was subsequently charged under s 9(3)(A) of the Road Transport (safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999.

Police had stopped C for a random breath test (RBT) after she was caught driving approximately 20km/hr over the speed limit in a 60km/hr zone. After submitting to a breath test, C was charged with mid-range PCA and her licence was suspended.

Section 10 for drink driving charge

C enrolled and participated in an approved and gazetted Traffic Offenders Program and compiled a number of strong character references and testimonials from her friends, colleagues and employer. The local court Magistrate accepted that C’s position as a single-parent and person whose work relied on having to drive far-and-wide on a regular basis, as well as the good driving record she maintained over the course of her lifetime, made her deserving of a s10(1)(b) dismissal and the imposition of a 6 month good behaviour bond. She was able to keep her drivers licence and her job.

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