Police v DB: Property offence charges defended by our criminal lawyers

Property offence charges defended by our criminal lawyers

Larceny theft property offence stealingDB was found with an apple iPod in his possession. He told police that his friend gave the iPod to him so he could download some songs. Police charged him with goods in custody pursuant to section 527c of the Crimes Act.

Objection! Dismissal of illegal admissions in goods in custody case

The defence objected to certain admissions made by the young person as he made those admissions in the absence of a support person. Those admissions were excluded. We argued that at the close of the prosecution case, there was no evidence that could give rise to a reasonable suspicion that the item was stolen or otherwise unlawfully obtained. The charge was dismissed.


“Thanks Peter. My friend really did give me that iPod and I honestly had no idea that it may have been stolen. The police were just picking on me.”


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