Client Successfully Represented at Trial – JM

Read about how JM was successfully represented by O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors after being charged with several criminal offences

Client and friend refused entry into licensed premises

At approximately 1am on the night in question, JM attempted to enter a licensed premises with his friend. Both JM and his friend were refused entry to the licensed premise due to their level of intoxication.

JM’s friend began arguing with the security guard which led to the police approaching the two men. The police officer attempted to explain the legislation regarding being refused entry to the friend.

Meanwhile, they observed JM swearing to the security guard and approached him. It was alleged that JM began swearing at the police officers.

Client charged with range of offences after interaction with police

A police officer took hold of JM and escorted him off the premises. It was then alleged by the police that JM was resisting police efforts to handcuff him.

He was charged with using offensive language in/near/within hearing form a public place, excluded person remain in vicinity of a licensed premise and resist police.

Defence successfully represented client in at trial

JM pleaded not guilty to all three charges. O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors assisted him in his full hearing. He was found not guilty to the resisting police charge. In relation to the offensive language and remaining on premises charges, he was ordered to pay a fine.

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