Unlawful imprisonment compensation EA v Commercial supermarket

Wrongful arrest by security guard at commercial supermarket

EA was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned by a security guard at a large commercial supermarket. He was shopping in the supermarket and while picking out his fruit and vegetables, he taste-tested some grapes. After having paid for his groceries, security refused to let him leave the store and accused him of being a ‘thief’ in front of a large number of customers. In addition to his loss of liberty, our client suffered significant embarrassment and distress.

Unlawful imprisonment compensation

It was recognised by the supermarket chain that while it does not encourage shoppers to taste produce before purchase, taste testing grapes is a common practice amongst shoppers and that the security guard acted in an over-zealous fashion when he detained our client. The matter settled out of court for a sum of damages.


‘Your support has restored my faith in the system and I would like to sincerely thank you for the kindness and assistance you have provided during this period… I will remain ever grateful.’ EA 

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