Acquitted of murder but titled ‘killer’ by tabloid – Defamation Case Study

Acquitted of murder but titled 'killer' by tabloid

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Innocent man defamed by murder allegation in tabloid newspaper

Oliver was previously acquitted of a murder charge; however, a tabloid paper posted an article online a few years later stating that he was a “killer”.

Oliver was extremely distressed by this article, he had already been through the Courts and was acquitted of the charges. He faced a lot of scrutiny during the Court proceedings and was relieved when he was acquitted. The article published prevented Oliver from moving on with his life.

Defamation settlement and legal fees paid and mentions removed

Oliver decided to sue for defamation.We managed to obtain a settlement whereby the words “killer” were removed from the article, all social media posts related to the article were deleted, an apology and correction on the article, a sum of money and for the tabloid paper to cover Oliver’s legal fees.

*Name changed for confidentiality

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