AC – Acts of indecency charges dismissed

9 x commit act of indecency, s 61N(2) Crimes Act 1900, sentence of imprisonment

Facts: Charges of acts of indecency

AC was charged with a number of serious offences relating to committing acts of indecency within the community.  The acts involved AC exposing himself to members of the public. AC was a foreign national. He hoped to be deported back to his country of origin where he could receive psychological treatment and family support.

Outcome: Charges dropped, followed by deportation

After O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors negotiated with the police, 9 of 18 charges were withdrawn and dismissed. At sentence, our lawyers presented evidence that AC had a psychiatric illness which required treatment and that he required support from his family.  His family were supportive of AC.  AC had spent 7 months in custody prior to sentence. AC received an aggregate sentence of imprisonment for 15 months with a non-parole period of 8 months.  Deportation to his country of origin occurred when his non-parole period reached its expiry date.

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