Abusive Treatment of Children in Juvenile Justice

Young Indigenous people are 17 times more likely to be in detention than other Australians. Despite only 5% of the general population are Aboriginal persons aged 10-17, they make up almost half of those under youth justice supervision. The latest […]

Proposed Facial Covering Ban in Australia

Several countries have banned the wearing of facial coverings in public places. These include: France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, China and Bulgaria. Recently, Sri Lanka joined the burqa ban list in a knee-jerk reaction to the series of suicide attacks that […]

Geoffrey Rush Wins $2.9 Million on #MeToo Defamation Case

Geoffrey Rush was awarded a staggering $2.9 million after winning his defamation case against The Daily Telegraph. The Oscar-winner, 67, was wrongfully accused of “inappropriate behaviour” towards a female co-star in a series of reports by the newspaper publication. Record […]

Fair Work Ombudsman Investigation into Domino’s Pizza Franchises

The exploitation of workers within franchises have been the focus of amendments to workplace laws late last year. Franchisees who fail to comply with workplace laws can be hit with large financial penalties, with franchisors possibly held responsible for any […]

New drink-driving laws come into effect in NSW today

Motorists caught drink-driving or drug-driving on NSW roads will lose their licence under strict new laws that come into effect from today. Any driver, even if they are a first time or low-range offender, will receive an immediate three-month licence […]

Pat Down on Strip-Searches

With the heavy policing at Sydney’s Midnight Mafia Festival last weekend to the pop-up privacy screens at Central station, people have raised concern over the harsh strip-search laws in New South Wales. The invasive practice of ordering people to remove […]

High-Pitched Sonic Devices Target Young People

A number of shopping malls and businesses are deploying high-pitched sonic devices to combat what they describe as anti-social behaviour by young people. The so called ‘mosquito devices’ emit high frequencies which can only be heard by people aged 25 […]

Children Locked Up in Horror Watch Houses

Imagine you are 10 years old. You are sitting on a cold floor in a small cell. You are surrounded by four concrete walls under a mesh roof. There is no sunlight. There is no contact with loved ones. There […]

Hate Crime Rarely Prosecuted in Australia

With the recent tragic events of Christchurch and Sri Lanka, some have called hate crime laws into question for their lack of use in Australia. Only 21 people have received convictions for hate crimes, despite the thousands of reported offences […]