NSW Police Charged With Domestic Violence Offences

An alarming number of NSW police officers have been charged with offences related to domestic violence. According to documents obtained by ABC under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, a total of 17 NSW police officers were involved in domestic […]

Unreasonable Suspicion and Wrongful Arrest by Police

Attalla v State of NSW [2018] NSWDC 190 Facts: On an early morning, three police officers confronted Mr Attalla (Plaintiff) sitting on a stone wall in front of a church texting on his mobile phone. One of the police members, […]

A Guide to Defamation Laws in Australia

What is defamation? Defamation is an act of falsely publishing something that harms the reputation of an identifiable person without a legal excuse. The offence has an element of intent, where the publisher wishes to cause serious harm to the […]

LEPRA and Arrest Without Warrant After The Robinson Case

Can what you say be admissible as evidence if you are unlawfully arrested? A recent case may have an impact here. First of all, let’s examine the powers of arrest which are granted by LEPRA (Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) […]

Unlawful Arrest: Police Decides to Charge After Arrest

If you are arrested and then make admissions during this arrest which is then deemed to be unlawful, the evidence you have already given can be readily excluded at the court’s discretion. This is what effectively happened in the radical […]

Defamation Law: Reputation is the New Currency

It would not be foreign to assume the popular opinion that the area of Defamation law is a novel and controversial one at best. In fact, with the advent of technology and social media giving rise to easily made offensive […]