High Court Decides What Constitutes Criminal Damage

High Court Hears Protester Appeal – What Constitutes Criminal Damage Today we argued our appeal in the High Court against an environmental protestor’s conviction for ‘destroy or damage property’ under s 195 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). We are appealing lower court decisions […]

Horrific Recording of Disability Carer Abusing Disabled Child

An audio recording obtained by the ABC reveals the horrific abuse that occurs within the disability care sector. Horrific recording reveals abuse of disabled boy The recording was made in 2016 by a not-for-profit organisation that was running a group […]

Police Watchlist Targeting Children needs to be Removed

In an earlier article this year, we wrote about a secret police watchlist called the Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP). The STMP is a list that identifies people who police believe are at risk of committing an offence in the […]