Proposed New Laws Targeting Espionage and Foreign Interference

At the end of last year PM Turnbull introduced a package of new laws aimed at targeting espionage and foreign interference in Australia’s political system. This bill is in debate presently. New Criminal Offences The bills introduce a range of new espionage […]

What is the Australia Day debate really about?

What is the Australia Day debate really about? With Australia Day coming up there has been continued debate about whether the date should be changed. Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull released a video on Facebook putting forward his strong view that […]

The Risks of Medical Tourism

Globalisation has resulted in a rapidly growing medical tourism industry. Medical tourism is the term used to describe instances where individuals travel overseas to undertake medical procedures. This has been an increasing trend with estimates that around 15,000 Australians travel overseas each year for cosmetic and […]

Australia Criticised for ‘Serious Shortcomings’ in Human Rights Record

The latest Human Rights Watch report released yesterday provides extensive criticism of Australia’s Human Rights records. O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors agrees with many of the findings having represented clients whose human rights have been neglected by institutions. The HRW […]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Recent social movements, such as #metoo, have brought to the forefront the prevalence of systematic sexual harassment. At O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors we recognise that sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality for most women. Nearly half of all women […]