A Survey of Prison Conditions and Post-Prison Options

An astounding 40.3% of prisoners in Australia are back in prison within two years of release. We’ve been following The Conversation’s ‘Beyond Prison’ series on issues relating to prison conditions and post-prison release – this blog post summarises the best insights from across the articles. Andrew Day advocates a smarter, evidence-based approach to rehabilitation in Read more about A Survey of Prison Conditions and Post-Prison Options[…]

Domestic Violence and Male Control

The statistics are appalling: one woman is hospitalised every three hours, and at least one woman is murdered each week. At the time of writing, 43 women had been killed by violence this year. Male domestic violence is the cause The cause is domestic violence, or more accurately, male domestic violence. In fact, it is Read more about Domestic Violence and Male Control[…]

Save the CNS! Funding threat to invaluable Aboriginal justice service

Time is running out to save an invaluable legal service. The Aboriginal Legal Service’s Custody Notification Service (CNS) is a 24-hour phone line that gives legal advice and general support to Aboriginal people in custody. Government funding runs out at the end of June. What the Custody Notification Service (CNS) does The phone line was one Read more about Save the CNS! Funding threat to invaluable Aboriginal justice service[…]

Australia’s Prison Overcrowding Epidemic

Australia is facing an epidemic, and no, we are not in a law and order crisis. In fact, that very perception is part of the problem of Australia’s rampant prison overcrowding. Recent BOCSAR statistics show a 10% increase in Australia’s prison population over the past year, resulting in a ten year high of 33,791 prisoners Read more about Australia’s Prison Overcrowding Epidemic[…]

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