Unfair measures targeting Bikie Organisations in Police crackdown

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A series of shootings and fires across the Hunter Valley region have led to the NSW Police initiating a task force aimed at cracking down on local rival bikie organisations.

As part of this, bikie organisations have been targeted by NSW Police who have proposed severe measures that would forbid them from associating with other members, restrict driving at night, and not allow them to enter any licensed premises in NSW over the next 12 months. They would also be required to hand their mobile phones over the police, and reveal passwords as and when requested by police.

The proposed measures severely and unduely restrict the freedom of movements of the targeted people. The restrictions will be imposed on anyone thought to be ‘involved in serious criminal activity’ regardless of whether they have been charged or convicted of an offence. These proposals are completely disproportionate and arbitrarily punish in the absence of proof of wrongdoing. The restrictions on driving and communication are oppressive; potentially preventing the undertaking of daily tasks.

Review of these measures should be undertaken because they are entirely unreasonable and severely infringe upon basic liberties.

As expert criminal defence lawyers we believe that individuals should not be arbitrarily punished. If you have concerns about your legal rights contact us on (02) 9261 4281.

Drive by shootings in the Hunter Valley have prompted a new police task force
Peter O'Brien

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