June 12, 2013


O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are absolutely brilliant at what they do!

I approached the firm to sue a church for historical sexual abuse. My experiences as a victim were, of course, traumatic. Deo recognised this from the get go and was empathetic throughout the entire process. He remained calm on the phone, and forewarned me about potential things that would happen. When they did, it wasn’t confronting which helped me manage my trauma.

Everything about the firm is great. Deo provided excellent communication during the entire process. Everything was done in a timely manner and I was kept in the loop at all times. I only met Deo and Peter in person once; they are nice blokes! The majority of my communication with Deo was done virtually so I did not have to take any time off work. It was great that they were able to work around my busy schedule. I was able to obtain a settlement with the help of Deo.

My advice to anyone who is a victim of institutional sexual abuse is to get onto O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors. I recommend Deo and the firm to everyone! They are absolutely brilliant and can help you with everything.


Dear Peter O’ Brien and the team,

I approached you to help me with a criminal case where I was accused of an assault, intimidation and stalking of a person who had actually bullied a member of my family, stalked and intimidated her on number of occasions in the past.

All attempts to reason with his employer and himself failed.  Peter, Linda and the team offered full assistance, gave proper advice, and informed me all the way through the legal process. The end result was no conviction under Section 10.

After a particularly stressful and challenging period in my life, it was great to achieve such a positive outcome.


Thanks Deo for helping me achieve a good outcome in my case!

I approached O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors in regards to my civil matter. I had been unlawfully arrested and was originally not going to proceed with my claim because I didn’t think that I had a winning case. However Deo convinced me that I had a case and has been very helpful throughout the entire process. Deo explained the law and my case thoroughly. He was in constant contact throughout the entire process and kept me up to date with what was going on. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and it was exactly what I wanted.

I recommend to anyone with any problems that O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors is the way to go!


Dear Peter and Tahn,

I just wanted to write and let you know how much A and I appreciated your great help, insight and understanding in having his charges successfully dealt with under a section 32.  I cannot begin to tell you how relieved we are to have had the matter resolved. After a particularly sad and challenging period it was great to having something so good happen.

So thank-you both – you were just great – the outcome of the case has made an enormous difference to us.


As a victim of police brutality, I was dismayed by the total lack of concern and a refusal to investigate the complaint I made in writing to the NSW Police and NSW Ombudsman. When the baseless charges against me were finally dismissed on appeal in the District Court and the Police again refused to investigate my complaint against them, I felt compelled to take civil action against the NSW Police, in an effort to seek accountability on the part of NSW Police.

Even before I contacted O’Brien Solicitors, I was encouraged by the information and positive attitude shown on their website. Peter O’Brien and the team at O’Brien Solicitors have been wonderfully helpful and supportive in seeking legal redress through the Courts. I was amazed and relieved when O’Briens solicitors achieved an outcome that spared me any further distress or inconvenience and more than satisfactorily compensated for the pain and suffering I had endured as a result of my unfortunate encounter with a couple of over-zealous police officers.

I wholeheartedly recommend O’Brien Solicitors to anyone who has experienced police misconduct and had their rights trammelled by heavy-handed police officers.


I was very impressed with Peter O’Brien and his team. Having charges against me and my partner, he was very successful – all charges were dropped. I would highly recommend O’Brien solicitors. His work in the courtroom was professional and he didn’t miss a beat.

I have had the darkest cloud hovering over me and these charges by police would have ruined my career. Peter was extremely knowledgeable and by far the best lawyer to handle my case.


Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for your help with my PCA matter. I can only imagine the situation I would have found myself in had I done the matter myself. I am very grateful for your professional and courteous assistance.

Dr L

Dear Peter,
I just wanted to thank you and the team at O’Brien Solicitors for all your hard work on my case. I couldn’t have done it without you.”


Dear Peter,
Again many thanks for your efforts with [K]’s case, greatly appreciated and as always, you are the best, the most solid and on the ground solicitor I know.
Cheers, D


Dear Peter,
“Thank you so much for your hard work on my case Peter. I was so worried I was going to go to jail for something I didn’t do. I was also worried about losing my security licence if I was convicted of a criminal offence.”


Dear Peter,
The thought of potentially going to jail for something I did not do terrified me. Your preparation and diligence in preparing for the trial was first class. I cannot thank you enough.


I cannot thank you enough Peter. I know I came very close to losing my licence. I would have lost my job and would not have been able to support my family if I had lost my licence again.


Your approach was both keen and compassionate. It was a fantastic to have won the case, when it all seemed stacked up against me. Many thanks.


I knew I was facing a lengthy jail term for the Robbery charge. Jail was not a place I wanted to go back to and I have been so worried about what was going to happen. I am so grateful I didn’t receive a full time jail sentence and so grateful that I can move on with my life. Thank you for everything you have done for me Peter. Thank you so much.


Dear Peter,
Your strategic advice during the case showed that you have a mastery of criminal legal process. After my previous experiences with the law, it was amazing to see a lawyer stand up and really fight for me.


Dear Peter,
I am so glad that I spoke to you when I did. So many lawyers had told me that I should plead guilty. If I didn’t come to you, I would probably have been in jail right now.


Dear Peter,
Thanks for saving my licence. Your representation was excellent. I was really worried that I would lose my job. So thanks heaps.


Response to Four Corners Program:

I would like to thank you for your unbiased input into the Four Corners program… I thank you for your interest in an area our great country seems to have forgotten. You are brave and honourable. Please don’t give up on these boys.

– Jane H

Saw the programme on ABC last night. Very distressing. You were great, well done.

– Jane R

Bravo for bringing your poor clients plight to the nation’s much needed attention.

All the best. Isabelle


I always said that a Royal Commission was likely, right?!

Bullseye. Hats off to you…

– JH

Peter and Jared

I am very proud of both of you. This is massive.

I think it is hard to get an objective view about how bad this is…

I reckon this is a crossroads moment for our nation.

– SB


I don’t know how you can keep  doing this work – the program last night was gut-wrenching. When you think human depravity can’t get any worse, you find out what has been happening in the NT.

It is good that there will be a Royal Commission but real solutions will need to be found. We need people like you

– Prue G

Mr Peter O’Brien,

You have made a difference, now it’s up to the people of Australia to stand behind and support your brave actions, by saying to government this is not acceptable and must change TODAY.

Once again THANK YOU,
With a heavy heart,
Samantha Y

I wanted to commend you for your courage, dedication, social conscience, passion and hard work. I was deeply distressed watching the show last night. It has continued to distress me today. I am heartened to hear that this morning the Prime Minister has  announced a Royal Commission.

– Joshua J

I am disgusted, appalled and horrified at the barbaric abuse of these children. How can society believe that this management of the “challenged” in our community be acceptable? I feel quite sick at the thought of how these young children being abused both physically and mentally, in fact, as I write this, tears are pouring down my face. What future do these children have?

– Karen D

Dear Peter

I wanted to send a thank you for your involvement in the Four Corners investigation into the torture and deprivation of vulnerable young people in detention.

I struggled to watch the exposé and, if not for your, John Lawrence and Jared Sharp’s fierce defence of these children I would have finished viewing feeling utterly hopeless.

Thank you for being their voice when they are silenced. ­

– Meryl K

Although under harrowing circumstances, I want to congratulate you on your contribution to last night’s Four Corners programme… I applaud you for your stance and hope you continue your good work in keeping the gatekeepers honest.

– Julian C


Just dropping you a line to say well done on shining a light on the issues of child incarceration in the NT.

– Damien J

Please, please let Dylan know that there are people who care about him and that the whole country is watching. Please pass on a message to him that he is brave and strong and valued. Thank you for your work for him and all the other mistreated youth in this shocking situation, I am still crying.

– Leanne L