June 12, 2013


Meet our team of lawyers, based in Sydney. We provide criminal defence and civil law services throughout NSW and Australia.

Peter O'Brien - Principal Solicitor (Criminal and Civil)  Peter O’Brien – Principal Solicitor

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Stewart O'Connell - Senior Solicitor (Criminal and Civil)  Stewart O’Connell – Senior Solicitor

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Tahn O'Rourke - Criminal Defence Solicitor  Tahn O’Rourke – Criminal Defence Solicitor

Deo Indevar - Civil Lawyer - Actions against Police  Deo Indevar – Civil Solicitor

Olivia Tolley - Criminal Defence Solicitor  Olivia Tolley – Criminal Defence Solicitor

Elliot Rowe - Criminal Defence Solicitor  Elliot Rowe – Criminal Defence Solicitor

Civil Paralegal  Amy Schneider – Civil Solicitor

 Linda Son - Paralegal  Linda Son – Law Clerk

 Meri Ayala – Civil Paralegal

Andrew Burke - Consultant  Andrew Burke – Consultant

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