MEDIA RELEASE: NSW Supreme Court Authorises BLM protest in Newcastle for this weekend!

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NSW Supreme Court Authorises BLM protest in Newcastle for this weekend

Today, the Supreme Court has refused a police application to prohibit a protest for the Black Lives Matter movement in Newcastle planned for 5 July 2020 this Sunday at 1pm by the Fighting In Solidarity Towards Treaties (FISTT) group. The protest has been declared authorised.

The Supreme Court victory today on 3 July 2020, follows a similar ruling last month from the Court of Appeal which authorised the Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney on 5 June 2020.

As principal Peter O’Brien commented on today’s outcome: “Today is another fundamental victory for the right to protest and the freedom to politically communicate in Australia. The decision by Judge Adamson provides a significant instance of legal recognition for Black Lives in Australia. The outcome is as important now as it was in the first instance. This decision emphasises that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is not just a trending hashtag, rather, it is a testament of the true lived experiences suffered by Indigenous lives in Australia.”

For more information, please contact Principal Solicitor, Peter O’Brien on 0421 373 961 or O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors on (02) 9261 4281.

Peter O'Brien

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