Driving Offences & Traffic Law

O’Brien Solicitors are specialists in traffic law.

We can give you expert advice about penalties, demerit points, the risk of licence disqualification and fight to keep your licence in the entire range of traffic offences including: speeding offences; drink driving offences; driving under the influence of drugs; driving whilst disqualified or suspended; negligent driving; dangerous driving; negligent driving causing death or grievous bodily harm; dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm. We often represent clients who have been charged with several traffic offences arising from one incident.

Being charged with any sort of traffic offence can be a daunting experience. We understand that losing your licence is not just an inconvenience, it can also have far reaching consequences for you, your family and your livelihood.

In New South Wales, traffic law is unnecessarily complex. One offence can often require the application of three (or sometimes more) different pieces of legislation. O’Brien Solicitors has gained an extensive knowledge data bank in the area through our tireless work for thousands of clients charged with traffic offences. We can ensure that you are best informed of all your options. We can advise you on the appropriateness of traffic offenders programs and other avenues that may mitigate the penalty arising from a breach of the traffic law.

As a small firm made up of highly experienced advocates, your matter is always handled with the personalised care and commitment it deserves.

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