June 24, 2013

Driving Offence Case Studies

Sydney road where our driving offence case studies can occur

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are experts in traffic law and driving offences. We have represented clients across a large variety of drug related offences including possession, supply, importation and conspiracy to import. We have assisted clients in Local Court trials, District Court jury trials, sentencing hearings and appeals.

Here are a number of successful cases where O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors have secured a favourable result for our clients.

MHClient not guilty of negligent and dangerous driving after prosecution’s DNA evidence rejected

MH was charged with a number of driving offences to which he pleaded not guilty to. At trial, the prosecution relied on a DNA swab taken from the deployed driver’s airbag, arguing that it matched the DNA of our client. The defence successfully argued that the DNA analysis did not match the crime scene because multiple DNA swabs had been taken from inside the car. The court agreed that the DNA evidence was unreliable and found MH not guilty of the offences he was charged with.

JB – Successful District Court Sentencing Appeal in Driving Case

Our client was involved in a small collision which then proceeded to an argument with the driver of the other car. He took the other person’s mobile phone without his permission before eventually giving it back. He was charged with and pleaded guilty to stealing from the person and driving furiously, recklessly and in a dangerous manner. After being sentenced to a bond, a fine and having his licence disqualified for 24 months he appealed the sentence on the ground of severity. We successfully represented JB in his appeal hearing where we argued that the penalty was too harsh and would unfairly impact on JH. The sentence was reduced accordingly.

GSH – Strong sentencing submissions for actor

GSH was charged with driving with a high concentration of alcohol in his blood following a collision with a parked car. GSH pleaded guilty at the earliest possible opportunity. We represented GSH in his sentencing hearing where he highlighted the unique circumstances of his situation. The defence submitted that a jail sentence was unreasonably harsh and would affect his application for permanent residency and his opportunity to continue working in his field as an actor after all the hard work he had put in after moving to Australia. GSH was sentenced to a good behaviour bond, a fine and a suspension of his licence.

MAS – Client given non-conviction order after pleading guilty to driving with low range PCA

MAS was driving along a dark road when he collided with the back of another vehicle. When the police asked MAS to perform a breath test they found a low reading of alcohol. He pleaded guilty to driving with a low range of PCA and cooperated fully with the police. We represented MAS in his sentencing hearing where submissions were made regarding our client’s remorse and the fact that he had successfully undertaken a Traffic Offender Intervention Program. He was given a non-conviction order.

NJDClient found not guilty of driving under the influence

NJD was charged with driving under the influence after she veered into several parked cars. The charges were based on a number of witnesses who claimed that our client had appeared to be affected by drugs or alcohol. During the contested hearing, an expert report concluded that the small traces of methylamphetamine found in NJD’s system was insufficient to support the finding that our client’s driving ability was adversely affected. As a result NJD was found not guilty.

GOS – Client pleaded guilty to lesser driving charge

GOS was charged with driving a motor vehicle recklessly which was unsupported by the evidence. GOS pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of driving a motor vehicle negligently and was sentenced to a relatively lenient fine.

BDA – Sentence downgraded after successful appeal

BDA pleaded guilty to negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm. He was convicted and sentenced to a 12 month good behaviour bond and disqualified from driving for 12 months. The defence appealed the decision on the basis of severity. We assisted BDA in submitting character references that made it clear that the license disqualification would impact on his employment. The appeal was successful and BDA’s sentence was downgraded.

MHX – Defence assists client with pre-sentencing report

Our client was charged with a high range drink driving offence after colliding with a parked car. After pleading guilty, the defence assisted MHX in obtaining a pre-sentence report which supported the defence’s submission that MHX should avoid a custodial sentence. He was sentenced to a good behaviour bond, community service and his licence was disqualified.

MVK – Successful appeal of sentence in relation to negligent driving charge

We represented MVK in his appeal hearing against his sentence in relation to a charge of negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm. We submitted that the licence disqualification prevented MVK from using both the scooter (which he had been learning to ride and had caused the accident) and his car. It was argued that the disqualification of his car licence was unreasonable and would adversely affect him. The appeal was upheld and the licence disqualification was reduced.

REClient discharged of low-range drink driving charge

RE was pulled over after police saw RE performing illegal U-turns. Her roadside breath test returned a low-range alcohol reading. She was discharged from the charge on the condition that she entered into a good behaviour bond.

LCHabitual traffic offender declaration quashed

LC had previously been declared as a habitual traffic offender declaration. She had turned her life around and wanted to return to her former employment, however, she needed a driver’s licence to do so. We assisted LC in getting her habitual traffic offender declaration quashed and as a result LC was able to reapply for her licence.

MS No conviction recorded against budding actor

MS had 4 glasses of wine over a 5.5 hour period at a friend’s house. Believing that she was safely under the alcohol concentration limit, she proceeded to drive. She was pulled over as part of a random breath test and was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after her blood alcohol reading was above the legal limit. She pleaded guilty at the earliest possible opportunity. We represented MS in her sentencing hearing where we argued that MS’ licence was crucial to her ability to work in Sydney and that a conviction would affect her career prospects. The sentencing judge ordered that no conviction be recorded against her.

JG – Driving charges dealt with by way of mental health provisions

JG was involved in an accident after his vehicle ran into the back of a truck. A hospital blood test revealed the presence of amphetamines in his blood stream. We represented JG where we argued that his case should be dealt with by way of the relevant mental health provisions. JG’s case was that he took amphetamines for his ADHD as he was not prescribed with any medication for his condition. A psychological report and psychiatric report supported this argument. The Local Court Magistrate agreed with the defence’s submissions and dismissed the charges under the relevant mental health provisions.

MB Successful appeal of client’s sentence

MB was charged with and pleaded guilty to negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm. She was fined $400 and her licence was disqualified for 12 months in the Local Court. MB appealed the sentence arguing that it was too severe. The defence presented evidence that the licence disqualification would unduly affect her ability to work. The District Court upheld the appeal and dismissed the case and no disqualification was imposed.

PK Client receives lenient fine after driving without a licence

PK was charged with driving without a licence after driving his wife to the doctors without a licence. PK pleaded guilty. He received a lenient $200 fine and avoided losing his licence.

RRR – Client successful appealed conviction and sentence

R was breathalysed by police when he was driving his car following a social event. He returned a breath analysis reading above the legal limit, and was charged with low range PCA. He pleaded guilty to the charge, and was given a penalty of 3 months licence disqualification and a $700 fine. We successfully helped R in appealing the conviction arguing that his sentence was too severe. The District Court upheld the appeal and the initial conviction and sentence was quashed.

IC – Non-conviction ordered for client charged with mid-range PCA   

C was charged with mid-range PCA after she was caught driving over the speed limit. We assisted C in her sentencing case by gathering a number of character references. A positive case was put forward during her sentencing hearing which resulted in a non-conviction on the condition that she enter into a good behaviour bond.

KPP Finding of not guilty after defence successfully argues that client did not cause collision as alleged by police

KPP was involved in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection and was subsequently charged by police for negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm. The police alleged that KPP had caused the collision by turning into the path of an oncoming vehicle. However, KPP disputed this arguing that it was in fact a car colliding with her from behind that forced her into the path of the oncoming vehicle. The defence successfully argued this case where it could not be established beyond reasonable doubt that the collision had been caused by KPP’s negligence. KPP was found not guilty.

ALTaxi driver charged with low range PCA avoids losing licence

The police conducted a random breath test to which AL was subsequently charged with low range PCA. He pleaded guilty to the charge. We represented AL in his sentencing hearing where we made submissions that Al needed his licence due to his employment as a taxi driver. The charge was dismissed without conviction on the condition that he enter into a good behaviour bond.

IS – Defence submissions for sentencing hearing

Two Rangers were in front of IS’ vehicle when he accelerated causing the bonnet to impact both Rangers. No one was injured. He was charged with several driving offences. The defence negotiated with the police to have the withdrawal of one charge. He pleaded guilty to another with the defence assisting with his sentencing case.

VD – No conviction recorded for client charged with driving with low range PCA

VD was charged with driving with low range PCA. After pleading guilty, the court discharged VD on the condition that they enter into a good behaviour bond.

KR – Lenient sentence given to client charged with high range PCA

KR was charged with driving with high range PCA. The defence assisted with the preparation of KR’s sentencing case which included the compiling of positive character references. This resulted in a relatively lenient fine.

JECharges dismissed without conviction

Our client was caught deflating the tyre of a police vehicle and so he was charged with destroying or damaging property. After pleading guilty we successfully represented JE in his sentencing hearing where the court made an order for the charge to be dismissed on the condition that he enter into a good behaviour bond.