April 9, 2015

Unlawful Arrest & False Imprisonment – Recent Cases

Read about the many cases where O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors have successfully sued the police on behalf of our clients!

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are strong supporters of you asserting your rights when you have been mistreated by those in positions of authority. We are often approached by people who are hesitant to make a claim against authorities because they feel that they do not have a case that is likely to succeed. For this reason we recommend speaking to our specialist unlawful arrest and false imprisonment lawyer in a free first consultation. Our lawyer will listen to your case in a confidential manner and assist you in determining what the best course of action would be.

Here are a number of successful cases where O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors have secured a favourable result for our clients who have made a claim against the police for battery, assault, unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and/or malicious prosecution.

Suing the Police

BST v State of NSW – Client sues police after being arrested for a previously revoked warrant

BST was unlawfully arrested by Campbelltown Police on a previously revoked warrant. BST was put in the officer’s vehicle and was taken to the police station. The officer took her DNA and placed her in a cell where she was kept until the following morning. Our firm acted for BST and brought a court action against the police for unlawful assault and battery. 

Keywords: NSW Police; Local Court; False Imprisonment; Assault, Battery; Police Mistake; Compensation for Plaintiff.

JG v State of NSW – Client sues police after being arrested without reasonable suspicion 

JG was a passenger in a vehicle with his friends, which was stopped by police. The police searched him, and nothing was found in his possession. He was then informed that he was under arrest, and was summarily placed in the back of the police officers’ vehicle. The police were aware they did not have any evidence to commence proceedings.

Keywords: Unlawful arrest, Unlawful detention, False Arrest, Action against police, No reasonable suspicion for arrest.

BGB v NSW Police – Client sues police after a case of malicious prosecution and unlawful arrest

BGB was walking at night in an inner City suburb with friends. It was alleged by police officers patrolling the area that the defendant yelled abuse at a police officer. The police approached the defendant and a confrontation ensued where the plaintiff was charged with using offensive language in a public place, assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty and resisting an officer in the execution of his duty.

Keywords: Action against police, Police officer not acting in ‘execution of their duty’, damage property of client, unlawful arrest, false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, malicious prosecution; Assault; Battery by police officer Summary Offences Act 1988 NSW / Good Behaviour Bond / Section 10.

JT v NSW Police – Client sues police after a case of mistaken identity

A case of mistaken identity where the police arrested JT thinking that he was the person named in an outstanding warrant. After he was brought to the police station and questioned on the matter they realised that they had arrested the wrong person with the same name. O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors helped JT sue the police for unlawful arrest.

KS v Police – Client awarded compensation over 3 day hearing

KS was served with an AVO, arrested and then charged with malicious damage after a minor egging incident. The police withdrew the charge at court. We helped KS successfully sue the police for assault, false arrest and unlawful imprisonment. Our client was awarded compensation after a 3 day hearing.

JF v Police – Client sues police for assault, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment

Our client was an Indigenous Australian man who had been charged with and arrested for possessing child abuse material. The police did not find any incriminating evidence, however, he was refused bail and kept in remand for a month before charges were withdrew against him. We assisted JF in successfully suing the NSW police for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

Suing Corrective Services

CYP – False imprisonment claim against Corrective Services

CYP was sentenced to a term of imprisonment with Corrective Services receiving a warrant of commitment specifying his date of release.  CYP was kept in custody for several dates after his date of release because Corrective Services had failed to note this correctly. We assisted CYP in suing Corrective Services with the matter eventually settled. Our client was appropriately compensated for the time he had been falsely imprisoned in jail.

Suing Security Guards

EA v Commercial Supermarket – Client sues supermarket for false imprisonment

EA was shopping for groceries at the supermarket where he taste tested some grapes. After paying for his groceries a security guard accused him of being a ‘thief’ before arresting and imprisoning him. We assisted EA in suing the supermarket for false imprisonment. The matter being settled outside of court with a monetary sum being paid to EA.

Suing the Police cases

JR v Police – Client awarded compensation for suing police for assault, battery, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment

JR was at a bar with his wife when he was assaulted by a bouncer. When the police arrived they arrested him and took him to the police station. He was released without charge a few hours later. JR sued the police in the District Court for assault.

BVM v The State of SA – Man sues police for assault, battery, false imprisonment & malicious prosecution

Police had been constantly visiting a neighbour in the apartment below where BVM lived, with many of these times being after midnight. One night the police turned up at 2am which disturbed the residents in the apartment block so BVM yelled over the balcony to tell the police to go away. The police approached his apartment, and after some incidents involving his door, police pulled him out of his apartment. He was arrested, charged with hindering police and resisting arrest, and was subjected to an invasive DNA swab. At court the magistrate dismissed the charges against BVM. He approached O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors who successfully helped BVM to sue the SA police and obtained a significant settlement sum from them.

RTR v State of NSW – Woman sues police for unlawful arrest whilst she videoed them

A good case for showing that an individual has the right to video police as long as they do not hinder police operations. In this case a woman was filming the police when they came to her home and arrested one of her sons. One of the police officers grabbed RTR by the wrist, arrested her and eventually charged her with hindering police and resisting arrest. The charge of resisting arrest was dropped before RTR’s hearing with the Magistrate then dismissing the resisting arrest charge on the basis that it was nonsensical to arrest RTR if she was not hindering police. We assisted RTR in suing the police for assault, battery, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment. She successfully obtained a settlement sum from the police.

AC v Police – False allegations against client leads to false arrest

Directors of an organisation that AC had resigned from made false allegations to the police about her. The police asked her to attend the police station to which they arrested her without adequately investigating the allegations. She was released from custody and approached us to assist her in suing the police for false arrest.

DG v Police Young Indigenous client sues police for false arrest and unlawful imprisonment

A young Indigenous client was near a group of other people who were causing a commotion outside Woolworths. Despite not being involved in the dispute police arrested him, charged him and kept him in custody for one month. We assisted DG in suing the NT police for false arrest and unlawful imprisonment.

RJ v PoliceClient sues police after they injure him

RJ, a member of the Australian Defence Force, was at a bar in Sydney. After failing to comply with police instructions to leave, RJ was taken to the police station and charged with failing to leave licensed premise. He was assaulted by police which caused him injuries that prevented him from going on tour in Afghanistan. We assisted RJ in suing the police.

EH and PH v NSW State – Brothers sue for unlawful arrest and false imprisonment after being assaulted by police

Two brothers were badly assaulted by a police officer. The police officer arrested, detained and charged EH and PH with resisting arresting and assaulting police. However, CCTV footage of the incident clearly showed that EH and PH were victims of a brutal assault. O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors represented the brothers who sued the State. They received compensation after the State agreed to settle before the matter went to trial.

BH v NSW – Client compensated for being unlawfully arrested by police

BH was arrested, detained, charged and prosecuted for allegedly breaching a condition on his AVO. Our client told police that the condition had been varied by the court previously, however, the police did not believe him. He was found to have been truthful and was released. We assisted BH in suing the State which resulted in a settlement agreement before the case went to court.

JS v State of NSW – Client sued police for brutality

JS was pulled over by police whilst he was driving his son to the hospital. The police officers were dressed in plain clothes when they ordered JS out of his car. After the situation escalated quickly into an argument, the police sprayed JS in the face with capsicum spray. They proceeded to handcuff and arrest him, and charged him with assault and resisting arrest. After being acquitted of the charges he approached O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors. We helped JS sue the police for battery, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

GL v State of NSW – Client sued police for unlawful strip search

Whilst attending the Mardi Gras a police drug dog stopped beside GL. Police took GL to a “private” fenced off tent where they commenced a full strip search. However, there was in fact a gap in the tent, and GL was exposed to the view of people outside the tent. We helped GL argue that the strip search was unlawful on the basis that it was not conducted in private. Police agreed to settle with GL.

SG v NSW – Client awarded compensation after suing police for mistreatment  

Client made claims against the police in regards to mistreatment in two circumstances. The first incident was when police dragged SG out of the bathroom, naked, into the living room and arrested her. The second incident involved the arrest of SG despite her heightened state of stress. At trial the court found in favour of our client in regards to the two complaints and she was awarded compensation.

AB v State of NSW – Client sues police after being arrested, and then released, for unsubstantiated allegations of sexual assault

AB’s ex-partner contacted the police and made unsubstantiated allegations that AB had sexually assaulted him. Relying on this allegation, a police officer arrested AB when he was living at a hostel. The arrest was public and AB was not given any reasons for his arrest. After being released of the charge AB approached us to sue the police on his behalf. We argued that the allegations were insufficient grounds for his arrest and that the arrest was humiliating and unnecessary. The police settled on AB’s claim of unlawful arrest.

JW v NSW – False imprisonment claim against police

JW was assaulted by police at Bankstown Railway Station. After spending four hours in custody, JW lodged a claim against police with the case being settled.

HG v NSW – False imprisonment, assault, battery, malicious prosecution

HG was attacked by a police officer in a hotel before spending four hours in custody. He initiated a claim against the police officer where it was found that the police had lied about their statements regarding the incident. The case was settled.

NO v NSW – Assault, battery and unlawful imprisonment

NO was choked, hit and kicked by a police officer. He was arrested and spent several hours in custody before being released with no further court proceedings. NO initiated action against the police officer with the case being settled.

FR v NSW – False imprisonment claim against police

FR was arrested for breaching an AVO condition which had never actually been in existence. He was in custody for five hours.  FR lodged a claim for false imprisonment against the police. The case was successfully settled.

KQ v NSW – False imprisonment against police

KQ was arrested for a fine-only offence and spent a night in custody. After being released KQ lodged a claim for false imprisonment and the matter was settled.

IF v NSW – Claim against police settled

IF attempted to move towards a friend who was being assaulted and arrested by police. The police sprayed him with capsicum before assaulting and arresting him. After spending 4 hours in custody the charges were dismissed. IF initiated a claim for false imprisonment, assault and battery. The matter was settled.

DS v State of NSW – False imprisonment, assault, battery

DS was arrested in relation to an alleged assault. It was found that her arrest was instigated for the wrongful purpose of questioning her. DS lodged a claim for assault, battery and false imprisonment. The matter was settled.

BA v NSW – False imprisonment, assault, battery

Our client attended a police station to speak about an allegation, however, she was arrested and forced to perform a strip search. She was interviewed and then released. BA initiated proceedings for false imprisonment, assault and battery. The case settled.