Strip Search NSW Police Unlawful

Indigenous People in Regional Communities Targeted by Strip Searches

Data has revealed that Indigenous people in NSW regional communities are excessively targeted with invasive police strip searches. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in New South Wales are disproportionately targeted for police strip searches. Redfern Legal Centre revealed that […]

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Champion of women’s rights Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away over the weekend, leaving a large hole in the hearts of many Americans. The 87-year-old justice lost her battle due to complications with pancreatic cancer, while still sitting on the bench. […]

The Clink Podcast - Stories of Redemption

The Clink host Brent Simpson takes the hot seat

This week on The Clink, host Brent Simpson takes his turn at telling the story of his redemption. The ex-bikie enforcer and father of four is interviewed by his producer, adding his voice to the stories men taking back their […]

Immigration Australia visa stamp

Syrian man released from immigration detention

The Federal Court has stated that a Syrian man who was sent to immigration detention after his visa was revoked was falsely imprisoned and is entitled to damages. The man should have been sent back to his home country but […]

Dog used for prisoner rehabilitation

Puppies and dogs reduce prisoners re-offending

New research has outlined how the use of domestic dogs in prison could help reduce the recidivism rates of prisoners. A study from the University of Southern Queensland found that prisoners who are at risk of re-offending are less likely […]

NSW Police officer

Have you been strip-searched by NSW Police? We can help you

Do you believe you have been illegally strip-searched? Are you currently in danger of being illegally strip-searched? At O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, we specialise in civil litigation for police misconduct, including for unlawful strip searches. The firm has substantial litigation experience against the NSW Police for […]