man's hands on prison bars

Petition to re-instate NSW Jail visits for isolated inmates

Queensland and South Australia have already reinstated visits to correctional centres and it’s time for NSW to do the same. Petition founder Renee Mcnab is extremely passionate about this issue. “As an admin of a prison advocate page, I see […]

NSW-Police officer patch

COVID-19 fines targeted poor suburbs of Sydney

Young men from poor suburbs and towns with high Aboriginal populations were more likely to be fined for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules. There were 1427 fines and charges issued for breaking the public health orders from March 17 to June […]

Protest over black deaths in custody

Victoria moves to overhaul investigation process of deaths in custody

The Victorian Coroners Court has announced it will fast-track investigations into Indigenous deaths in custody as part of an  overhaul. The changes announced include: the coroners will immediately attend the scene of an Indigenous death in custody; a specialist Koori court […]

Strip search arrest

Indigenous People in Regional Communities Targeted by Strip Searches

Data has revealed that Indigenous people in NSW regional communities are excessively targeted with invasive police strip searches. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in New South Wales are disproportionately targeted for police strip searches. Redfern Legal Centre revealed that […]

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Champion of women’s rights Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away over the weekend, leaving a large hole in the hearts of many Americans. The 87-year-old justice lost her battle due to complications with pancreatic cancer, while still sitting on the bench. […]