AVO legal advice

If somebody is seeking an ADVO (Apprehended Domestic Violence Order) or an APVO (Apprehended Personal Violence Order) against you, you should seek legal advice. Some of the conditions that can be included on an AVO include that you are prohibited from approaching or contacting the protected person, or that you are prohibited from going to certain premises. As well as restricting your behaviour, an AVO is kept on police record and may affect your employment prospects and your eligibility for certain licences. Breaching an AVO is a criminal offence. The maximum penalty is two years imprisonment and a fine of $5,500.

O’Brien Solicitors are expert AVO lawyers who can give you the best legal advice about the options available to you. You might choose to consent to the AVO. If you do, it is essential that you understand the potential consequences.  If you choose to defend the application for an AVO, O’Brien Solicitors can provide you with expert representation in court.